Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Revenge of the Spurned Voice Actor

This is an instant classic!
The 20-year "voice of Lexus" gets dumped, so becomes the "voice of Mitsubishi" and has a bit of fun!

In case you care, James Sloyan is the voice talent. By the by, he was replaced by James Remar (Samantha's rich boyfriend in "Sex and the City"} by Lexus because they wanted a voice with wider appeal to fend off recent attacks by Audi.

Ooops! Did I Say That Out Loud?

From the "Things people THINK but don't actually SAY" file...comes this gem from a Seattle News Producer accepting a regional Emmy award.

Having won Emmys and judged Emmys, I can tell you she's basically telling the truth. Now we wait for the consequences!