Friday, February 27, 2009

Sad & Happy

What a roller-coaster couple of weeks!
First, join me in mourning the loss of what I feel is the greatest dog that ever lived...Reed Ulysses Bishop.

This little fella, a white miniature poodle with the quirkiest personality, brought so much happiness to my life after his rescue via Florida Poodle Rescue. As FPR volunteers, Shelly (my wife) and I fostered little Reedy for nearly 6 months and tried to adopt him out several times but in the end, he was meant to be ours (mine). Seeing his happy little face and watching him bound over to me when I got home from work during the Bay News 9 days was always something that helped melt away any troubles. He taught me to relax, to take joy in the little things (like snacks and naps) and our nightly, pre-going-to-bed walks helped me as much if not more than him. Little Reed lost a short and fierce fight with IMHA (an auto-immune disease) brought about by prostate cancer on Tuesday, February 24th. I've been in a funk ever since and will be for awhile. 'Nuff about that for the time being, still makes me very sad.

But on the brighter side, I now have my very first AGENTS!
Getting representation in any form is tough at best (unless you're lightning in a bottle) and when you add in the economy, many agents are worried about finding work for their current talents let alone adding new ones so I see this as a very positive development in my professional growth.
Troy Horne at Eden Talent & Productions of Denver liked my sound and we struck the deal this week! Thanks to Eden Talent for seeing (hearing) the genius that is me (lots of droll sarcasm there folks) and thanks also to Jessica Hamel at Tampa-based Sound Asylum which also added me to the talent roster! Let's hope it's the first of several growth spurts for Bishop Voice!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Losing my Blog-ginity

"Hellllooo Everrrryyboddy"
(he says in his best Will Farrell as Harry Carey voice)

At this point, I'm still learning how to use all the features of this here Blogspot, so bear with me....(or better yet, quit yer criticizin' and offer ups some help!)

Anyway, as a highly opinionated ol' cuss (45 going on 95 most days) but with sporadic episodes of Beavis & Butthead or Spicoli-inspired arrested development, this blog is going to run the gamut from insightful, thoughtful reasoning to stream-of-consciousness Dennis-esque (Miller & Leary) rants on topics ranging from voice over (or voiceover), entertainment, pop-culture, politics and society in general.

It is not my plan to pander but to call it like it is...unless of course it could cost me a client!

Thanks to all who visit, read and respond.

'til next time netizens,....