Wednesday, April 27, 2011


So the new "voice of AFLAC" has been chosen. Here are a couple of clips introducing the new guy.

Kudos to him for getting the gig. But a big WTF? to AFLAC who, in their audition specs, requested something new and different. I would have auditioned if I new they really didn't want something new and different! ;)

It's About Time

Piles of wasted money and poor ratings will be the unfortunate legacy of Katie Couric at CBS News. Overall I don't think it was Katie's fault. She was put into a no win situation by management who thought her morning show success would translate to the evening. She is very good at the long form interview and as part of a team, but it's this journeyman journalists' opinion that no matter how much she lowered her voice, changed her delivery or school-marmed her hair in attempts to be taken seriously, she just didn't have the gravitas or presence to anchor "The Newscast of Record" for a major network.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

A News Conference about News

A creative news promo utilizing the talents of Charlie Van Dyke who I'm proud to call one of my voice over mentors and advisors!