Monday, August 31, 2009

A Promo With Some Sting

Hmmm...another reason to keep anchors in the studio?!

Friday, August 28, 2009

New Meaning of "Boob Tube"

The photo below is causing a stir in the journo world. It's of two Denver News Anchors "letting it all hang out" if you will on the cover of Denver Magazine.

Where do your opinions fall?
Is it just another example of the bimbo-ization of news and a symbol of all that is ruining the credibility of local news?
Or do TV folk have a right, perhaps even a duty, to show the viewers they have a personal life, can have fun and not take themselves too seriously?

My opinion? I think it's a great picture. Such a move might not play well in St. Louis, Dallas or Tampa, but Denver is a pretty progressive market and these are two long-time anchors/personalities so I doubt it will hurt the ladies personally or professionally. A younger anchor/reporter is another story. As for their stations, well as is oft said, bad publicity is better than no publicity!

Hoe No You Didn't!

Ahhhh yessssss. The dangers of the TV News "roll-as-you-go" door knock!
Take a watch and listen.....

IF you're going to do these kinds of things, avoid even the hint of trespassing by parking the photog on the sidewalk, the street or other "public" place, not on a person's porch, driveway, or front lawn. If I remember correctly, there's a thing on the camera lens called a "zoom". Use it!
I bet they might have gotten the crazy ol' coot to talk if she hadn't opened her door and seen the photog on her own stoop!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Har-dee's Har Har!

Now THIS is a funny commercial and IMO, an example of all that is RIGHT with the advertising world! Take some chances people!